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Last modified on 19 Apr 2007

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CT and Windows 95/98/ME

Creating a Bootable DOS CD by Mark Bailey, KD4D

Dual Boot DOS/Windows by Ed Muns, W0YK

Dual-boot "Real" DOS on Windows XP (0.95 beta) by Mark Bailey, KD4D

Networking CT Computers

Radio Support

Setting up a RAM drive

Voice Keyers and CT

Internet Packet Spots

Laser Printing CT QSL Labels

Sample .BAT file for running CT

Sample CT.CFG file

Sample MULTI.CFG file

CT Command Line Switches

DVP IRQ Settings

DVP Hotkeys

LPT Port Pinning

Other Tips:

"I started the contest 1 hour and 45 minutes late. But CT considers my first QSO as the first hour of the contest. How do I make my breakdown sheet look right?"

Change the first QSO to 0000Z, print your breakdown sheet, then change it back.


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